"Songcrafter is the Artist Way for songwriters." - BJ Leiderman, NPR

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Songcrafter is a self-help series for the performing songwriter. It is sixteen interactive chapters designed to guide songwriters through all aspects of their creative lives. Songcrafter is one part story, one part writing prompt and one part lesson.

Story time presents such themes as focus, fear, distraction, addiction, procrastination. These stories become springboards for writing prompts. Back to class lessons present the formal components of songcrafting.

Songcrafter acknowledges while thousands of us want to write songs, less than 1% of us will write number one hits. It guides songwriters to glean from the rich narrative of their everyday and choose the magic of the close and known over the popular, exploitative and over sensational.

Available as printed book, audio book and e-book. Written, recorded and produced by

Chelsea Lynn La Bate. 



© 2017 designed and illustrated by Chelsea Lynn LaBate